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SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA GmbH our ideas create value

We focus on Smart City Solutions, we promote self-sustainable, nature compatible, e-mobility, IoT, Smart Waste Management & Renewable Energy. We as a worldwide international business integrator and startup developer for both private- and public-sector customers based on a business model that is ready to handle any one of a range of services or several services simultaneously and their management.

SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA GmbH brings together a broad range of services to offer integrated solutions to its customers, it takes responsibility for the operation and maintenance of assets in the areas of Smart City & Business Solutions, Waste Management Technologies, Self-Sustainable Micro-Homes, E -mobility, IoT, Renewable Energy, and companies seeking to maximize synergies, providing global and integrated management of all the activities of the services division.

SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA GmbH Service has succeeded in positioning itself as the preferred services partner advisor for many top international companies, thanks to the knowledge acquired in more than 21 years carrying out and managing services. With customers it has served for an average of over 17 years, a strong multi-disciplinary management team and a highly qualified workforce.

We operate in several countries and aim to continue to expand internationally. The company is able to offer customers a unique business model that involves anything from the contracting of a single service to the possibility of outsourcing the compete management of their activities. In this way, they receive advice and the services are continually adapted to the needs, resulting in optimized use of resources and costs.

SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA GmbH has one basic principle in mind our goal is to help everyone see the benefits and to find their own unique way of achieving results. Increasing comprehensive ownership value means growing the value of our customer’s assets and adding to the value of the shareholder’s investments, and dividend. This is what we work for every day. 

We combine equity, ideas and entrepreneurship with the goal of developing the different markets together with our piers, building a sustainable future and becoming leader in providing sustainable solutions for startups infrastructures, and renewable energy projects across the GLOBE.