As we are growing  SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA GmbH currently is looking for funding and/or equity partners to fulfill our orders in several regions with a new round of financing to investors next month (September 2019) and would like to  have you on our board.

As we aim to become the leaders improving the Waste Management Market today is a 235 Billion dollar market with a projection of 435 Billion dollars by 2023. There is more growth to come, and with your help we all can benefit from our global revenues, a Win-Win solution for all.

Contact us at and let’s have the opportunity to explain you better about our company and our line of solar self sustainable efficient alternative and renewable energy & waste management solutions.

We at SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA use our knowledge, experience and global network of relationships to unlock value and achieve superior returns on the wave today for innovative concepts and with the buzz worldwide around Crowdfunding we have been working hard to find the right opportunity offer for our partners in this regard. Our team are pioneers in strategic investment and aim to seek out strategic OPPORTUNITIES where there’s a clear demand, In addition to located smart key startups.