Noordung e-bike


Noordung e-bike

The lightest & smartest electric E-Bike in the World!

Noordung e-Bike is officially a classic electric bike as per the EU directive, where the electric motor provides assistance while the rider pushes the pedals and where its top speed is limited to 25 kph. Electric bikes are definitely the next big thing in the biking industry, especially in the segment of city bikes where, in contrast to recreational bikes, sweating is an unwanted side effect of its use (riding to work, meetings, etc.)

Noordung is also – a traditional bike. Noordung tried to build as light a bike as possible, therefore we chose to build the frame out of carbon fiber.

By the way, Noordung is the only cruiser bike in the world with a carbon fiber frame! In this respect, we wanted to build an ideal hybrid bike, where human effort may or may not be joined by electric assistance. It depends. While riding to a meeting, electric assistance can help us arrive there sweat free. On the other hand, we may want to sweat out some of the stress while riding home from work, so we can afford to refrain from using electric assistance. Noordung bike and music are two components of one great idea, that’s why we called it: An urban electric bike for music lovers.