Solar Outdoor Media has been selected as one of 12 German Startups to participate in the Program (Fall 2019 Silicon Valley) The German Accelerator program empowers German tech and life sciences startups to successfully enter global markets. The mission is to empower German startups to scale globally. Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) German Accelerator supports high-potential German startups in successfully entering the U.S. and Southeast Asian markets.

Solar Outdoor Media has been selected for the Semi-Finals of the InnoAlliance Competition in Beijing China September 2019 is the (connection of German startups with Chinese investors, corporates and strategic partners) The 2019 InnoAlliance Germany China Innovation Competition goal is to provide German innovative technology companies with resources to enter the Chinese market. The 2019 InnoAlliance Germany China Innovation Competition covers four major areas, including AI and Intelligence Manufacture, Environment Protection and Green Innovation, Biotechnology and Big Health, Smart Traffic and IT.

solar wifi eco bin

World Alliance for Efficient Solutions
was selected and endorse as one of the 1,000 solutions that make a difference to change the world in the sustainable and eco-friendly future by SOLAR IMPULSE FOUNDATION & WORLD ALLIANCE for EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS FOUNDED BY BERTRAND PICCARD selecting #1000 SOLUTIONS that can protect the environment in a profitable way. Mr Piccard will then go around the world again to deliver these solutions to governments, corporations and institutions to help them achieve their environmental targets by adopting more ambitious energy policies.


Partner with SOLAR WIFI ECO BIN on their stadiums and product activations with
Outstanding acceptance at all BUD LIGHT/ NFL RAMS, in Los Angeles area.
With a Very positive feedback from the public on recycling awareness and FREE WIFI hots spots during events

“ZUMA“ Jay Wagner

Former Mayor and current City councilman, in Malibu, California USA endorse our SOLAR WIFI ECO BIN on the city deployment.

The environmentally conscious philosophy of the city fits in perfectly with the SOLAR WIFI ECO BIN philosophy

National Association of Convenience Stores in USA , Awarded SOLAR WIFI ECO BIN of the three best "Cool NEW Green Products" in 2016 in USA.



Successful installation of 21 SWEBs in Q4 / 2016 for 5 years in the City of Wilton Manors, Florida, USA

Positive feedback from the public authoritys
Public feedback & Overall effectiveness

Wilton Manors Mayor: Gary Resnick

"Our citizens and tourists love the product"
We are a green city, so the SWEB fits our vision